At Dudziak’s we provide a safe and fun environment for preschoolers (walking age to 5 yrs) to develop the skills needed for a healthy road ahead.  Our highly trained instructors give children the necessary tools needed to grow socially, mentally, and physically in an exciting yet controlled environment.  Check out our list of classes and come join the FUN!

Benefits of Preschool Gymnastics
Five Reasons to Participate in Parent & Child Activities

Parent & Tot: (Walking-3.5 yrs.)  This 45 minute class, once a week, allows young children to develop a foundation of learning through structured play and social activities.  Parents accompany their children on unfamiliar tasks and challenges that set the stage for strong social and physical development.  Come open a world of play.

Tiny-Tots: (3 yrs. old)  A 45 minute class, once a week, develops child independence through group participation in an Instructor guided environment.  Instructors engage students in interactive games and fun activities that build strength, gymnastic form, and listening discipline.  A great foundation for an active childhood.

Mini-Tots:  (4 yrs. old)  A 45 minute class, once a week, provides students with age appropriate challenges and use of all gymnastics equipment.  With focus on listening and direction, students will work on tasks and activities to build a basic knowledge of gymnastics, “okay-play”, all while strengthening their independence and physical awareness.  A great start to all athletic sports!

Mighty-Tots:  (5 yrs. old)  A 1 hour class, once a week, gradually introduces children to personal achievement and goal setting.  With a focus on strength, flexibility, and proper technical execution our Mighty-Tots class, modeled after our recreational classes, prepares children for higher gymnastic achievement with a greater emphasis on repetition and problem solving.

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