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This 45-60 minute class incorporates gymnastics and obstacle course training.  Your child will train skills including rolls, spins, jumps, and flips designed to help improve total body coordination, strength, and agility.  Skills will be applied to weekly obstacle courses with fluid movement through a series of tricks.

Ninja-Tots: (3-5yrs)  A 45 minute class, once a week, develops child independence through group participation in an Instructor guided environment.  Instructors engage students in interactive obstacles and fun activities that build strength, coordination, and listening discipline.  A great foundation for an active childhood.  Classes are 45 minutes long and are held once a week.

Ninja:  (5 & up)  5 years old and up, students will be provided with a fun and athletic way to build strength and confidence.   Progression will be through a series of obstacle and physical challenges while learning how to move fluently through the course.  Classes are 1 hour in length and are held once a week.

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